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Top 9 Best CrossFit Gym Equipment List

In this blog, we give you everything you need to know about your CrossFit gym equipment list. And all pieces of equipment are available on our website.

CrossFit gym equipment list
Your ultimate guide for your CrossFit gym equipment list

CrossFit is known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), it mixes exercises that you can perform like pushing, pulling, squatting, etc, to build your strength or lose weight.

To compare bodybuilding and CrossFit; bodybuilding focuses on higher reps and heavy weights to pump and build your muscles. CrossFit focuses on speed, power, heavy weights, calisthenics, and plyometrics.

CrossFit training can cause a reduction in your body fat, improvement in your muscle strength, and aerobic fitness. This is your sign to start with CrossFit and to make things easier for you we give you here the CrossFit gym equipment list that you need.

CrossFit gym equipment list: Your easy guide

The CrossFit gym equipment list is divided into two: Priority equipment and secondary suggestions.

Priority equipment

This list contains 3 items considered a priority: a pull-up bar, weights/plates, and an Olympic barbell.

Pull-Up Bar / Power Rack

pull up bar
Pull-up bar

You can use your pull-up bar in different ways, you can build a wall-mounted, a squat stand, or a power rack. But a power rack is preferred because you can lift safely and you can go heavy on the bench press.

You have to do those kips, pull-ups, and chin-ups. A pull-up rig is a great place for you to hang your gymnastic rings.

A pull-up bar isn’t expensive and you can make your purchase from our website.


plates set crossfit
Plates set

Of course, you need weights. Buy your weights and plate wisely, and choose the best brands in the market with the best prices, performance, and quality.

Here is your best advice, buy your bumper plates in sets (10’s, 25’s, and 45’s).

Olympic barbell

Olympic women's bar
Olympic women’s bar

An Olympic barbell is the most important CrossFit gym equipment. Be careful when you buy your first Olympic barbell, avoid any cheap one because you will need to replace it later with a better one.

There are bars designed for women and men. The standard men’s Olympic barbells are 20 kg and women’s barbells are 15 kg with smaller hands in mind, and the diameter of the bar shaft is 25 mm (the diameter of the bar on a men’s bar is 29 mm).

Another thing to keep in mind is for Olympic lifts and CrossFit, avoid bars with center knurling. A Center knurling is for powerlifting and if used for CrossFit it can cut you up pretty bad during high rep clean and jerks.

Secondary suggestions for your CrossFit gym equipment list

This list contains 6 items considered secondary: a jump rope, a plyometric box, kettlebells, a medicine ball, a weight bench, and a glute ham developer.

Jump rope

jump rope
Jump rope

A battle rope gives you the perfect intense cardio workouts, and are other options for you besides jump rope that fits perfectly for those prescribed double unders.

Another must in your CrossFit gym equipment list is gymnastic rings. They are good for your upper body strength, and guess what! They are inexpensive.

Plyometric box

plyo box
Plyo box

Are you searching for a piece of equipment that doesn’t cost you a lot of money? Then plyometric boxes are the ones.

They come in many varieties ( adjustable, metal, wood, angles, and foam). Those boxes are used for box squats, step-ups, and box jumps.


Face kettlebells

This equipment is the big deal and a big part of CrossFit programming. Don’t buy a full set because it can be very expensive, all you need is a couple of kettlebells for your gym so you can snatch, clean, and swing.

Don’t buy a cheap kettle, it will destroy your hands. And always make sure that your kettlebells will not flake and chip.

Buy from our face kettlebells.

Medicine ball

wall balls
Wall balls

Medicine balls are mostly used for wall balls, cleans, weighted core exercises, and push-ups.

Weight bench

flat bench
Flat bench

Even if it’s not a priority, you should buy a flat utility bench. Why?

Because there are many exercises you can do with a bench, especially If you own a power rack.

Here is your best advice, buy a flat bench with solid-looking construction and high-density foam.

Glute ham developer (GHD)

Glute Ham Developer
Glute Ham Developer

From its name, the glute ham developer is for developing your glutes, your hamstrings, your lower back, and your core, and it’s the perfect CrossFit gym equipment. You can do a different types of exercises on it such as glute ham sit-ups, and glute ham raises.

The glute ham developer is considered expensive equipment for a gym, but it’s recommended for your CrossFit workout. Set your GHD with your rack, bar, and bumpers.

If you want to do cardio, start with it! If you want to build your muscles, start with it! If you want to enter the CrossFit world, go for it! Do whatever you want, plan it, write it, and stick with it. Our CrossFit gym equipment list is here to help you.

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