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Flat Weight Bench

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This no-nonsense flat bench is heavy-duty and ergonomically designed. No matter your size, this flat bench will support you through all of your workouts.

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How does a Flat Bench support your workout?

Our heavy-duty Flat bench press is Suitable for both professional and home training. That functions as a foundation for any at-home fitness routine. Keep reading to discover the features of this equipment:

  • The large dimensions(120 × 30 × 45 cm) of this bench provide ample space for users to perform a wide variety of exercises, including chest presses, shoulder press, leg workout, and more. This allows users to perform exercises in a more. This allows taller or larger users to perform exercises in a more comfortable and natural position, which can lead to better form and greater results.

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  • The top of this flat weight lifting bench features a 2″ foam covering on a non-slip black vinyl seat.
  • The larger size and heavy-duty construction of this flat bench contribute to its stability and ability to hold 300 lbs of weight maximum. It ensures that users can confidently perform exercises without worrying about the bench tipping over.
  • The weight of the flat bench(10.8kg) and its dimensions make it lightweight enough to be easily moved around and stored. In addition, it’s a great option for those with limited space at home.
  • The flat bench is made of sturdy materials that can support up to 130 kg, making it a safe option for weightlifting and strength training exercises.

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  • The flat weight bench has black in color, which makes it a special option that everyone will like.

Additional information

Weight 10.8 kg
Dimensions 120 × 30 × 45 cm


Max User Weight

130 Kg


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How to bench press

The bench press is a classic exercise that is used to strengthen the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly perform a bench press:

Start by lying on the Flat bench with your eyes under the barbell. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and brace your core.

Grasp the barbell with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, using an overhand grip.

Unrack the barbell by lifting it off the rack and holding it over your chest with your arms extended.

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Slowly lower the barbell towards your chest, keeping your elbows tucked in close to your body. Lower the barbell until it gently touches your chest.

Once the barbell touches your chest, pause for a moment, then press the barbell back up to the starting position by straightening your arms.

Repeat the movement for the desired number of repetitions.

It’s important to use proper form when performing a bench press. This will help to ensure that you’re targeting the correct muscles and that you’re less likely to get injured. Make sure you are breathing properly, inhaling during the lowering phase and exhaling during the press phase. If possible, it’s always a good idea to have a partner or a spotter who can assist you or give you a hand when needed.

In addition, it’s important to ensure that the flat bench is adjusted to the right height for your body and that it’s stable before you begin your press. If you’re new to bench press or if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, it’s always a good idea to speak to a healthcare professional or a certified personal trainer to determine if the bench press is right for you.

How to use situp bench

A sit-up bench, also known as an abdominal bench, is a piece of equipment that’s commonly used to target the abdominal muscles. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly use a sit-up bench:

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  1. Position the bench so that it’s perpendicular to your body. Sit on the flat bench with your back against the padded backrest and your feet flat on the ground.
  2. Adjust the bench so that the padded rollers at the top of the bench are positioned just above your hip bones.
  3. Once you’re in position, grasp the handles on the bench or cross your arms over your chest, depending on the specific exercise you’re going to perform.
  4. Begin by tilting your pelvis forward, so that your lower back is pressed against the padded backrest. This is your starting position.
  5. Slowly raise your upper body towards your knees by flexing your abdominal muscles, exhaling as you rise. Make sure that you’re keeping your head and neck in a neutral position.
  6. Pause at the top of the movement, and then slowly lower your upper body back down to the starting position, inhaling as you lower.
  7. Repeat the movement for the desired number of repetitions.

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It’s important to use proper form when performing sit-ups on a flat bench. Keep your spine in a neutral position and avoid rounding your back. It’s also important to avoid using momentum to perform the exercise; instead, focus on using your abdominal muscles to control the movement.

To avoid straining your neck and to activate more of your core muscles you can also use resistance band to make your exercise more challenging. If you’re new to sit-ups or if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, it’s always a good idea to speak to a healthcare professional or a certified personal trainer to determine if the sit-ups are right for you.

How much does a bench press bar weigh

The weight of a barbell used for bench press can vary depending on the type of barbell. The most common types are Olympic barbells and Standard barbells. Olympic barbells typically weigh 45 pounds (20 kg), but there are also other Olympic barbells that come in different weights such as 20kg, 15kg, and 13kg.

Either, Standard barbells typically weigh around 20 to 25 pounds (9 to 11 kg). It is worth noting that these are the standard weight for a barbell, but variations can exist based on the brand and model.

Additionally, the weight of the barbell does not include the weight of the collars or any weight plates, so you should consider that when determining how much weight you will be lifting.

It is always important to make sure that the barbell is of good quality, that the sleeves rotate freely before using it for a bench press, and that the barbell collars are tightened properly to avoid accidents.

Why arch bench press

The arch in the back during the bench press is a technique used by some powerlifters, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to maximize muscle activation and to lift heavier weight. Here are some reasons why some people arch their back during the bench press:

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Greater muscle activation: Arching the back during the bench press allows for greater activation of the chest, shoulder and triceps muscles, while also reducing stress on the shoulder joint. This is because the arch creates a more stable base, which enables the lifter to press more weight.

Increased range of motion: Arching the back allows the lifter to lower the barbell further, resulting in a greater range of motion. This can lead to greater muscle activation and improved muscle development over time.

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Improved power output: Arching the back can also help to improve power output by creating a more efficient transfer of energy from the legs and core to the barbell.

Better leverage: Arching the back allows the lifter to get their upper body in a more favorable position for lifting heavy weight and can make it easier to press the weight up from a weaker position.

It’s important to note that arching the back during the bench press is not for everyone and it’s not a technique that should be used by beginners or by those who have pre-existing spinal or shoulder issues. It’s always best to consult with a coach or a physical therapist to make sure that arching your back during the bench press is suitable for you and to make sure you do it correctly.

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