Pro Gear Glute Bands ( Set of 3 )

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Pro Gear Glute Resistance Bands is a set of 3 bands that have different resistance strength from 9 to up to 36kg resistance levels. Each strength helps you work out different muscle group with a varying intensity from basic to advanced. These resistance bands are made with fabric, adding extra resistance and durability which is perfect for avid weight lifters.

This set is optimal for enhancing strength and endurance training. Pro Gear Resistance Bands are lightweight, portable and durable to outlast intense workouts.

These resistance bands are ideal for stabilization, pushing, pulling, agility and many more exercises. Using your body weight and Pro Gear Resistance Bands, you can have intense workouts anywhere.  They are also optimal for warm-ups and rehabilitation after injury.

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Pro Gear Resistance Bands come in a pack of 3 with three different resistance levels.

Red: 9-18kg resistance, Grey: 18-27kg resistance, Black: 27-36kg resistance

Workout anywhere 

Pro GEar Glute Bands can be used in limited areas and the movements do not require much space. They are portable, lightweight and require minimal storage space so you can workout anywhere.

Varying intensity 

Pro Gear Glute Bands come with three different resistance levels. Each muscle group requires a different intensity, therefore, these bands can be used in combination or individually to create the optimal resistance you need for a perfect workout.



Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 76 × 8 × 0.3 cm

Pro Gear


Red ( Light ) Grey ( Medium ) Black ( Heavy )


Latex silk, Cotton, Mesh


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