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Exercise Bike VS Cross Trainer: Which is better?

Let’s talk about exercise bike vs cross trainer, which is better? Is there any difference? Or do they have a common goal?

Exercise bike vs cross trainer?
Exercise bike vs cross trainer?

What’s an exercise bike?

Exercise bike vs cross trainer?
Exercise bike: DDS 9320 spinning bike

An exercise bike is similar to a road bike and has wheels, saddle, handlebars, and pedals. The most familiar is indoor cycling bikes that are used in fitness studios and instructor-led classes in gyms. It allows riders to stand up for increased intensity to simulate hill climbs.

There are different types of exercise bikes:

The upright: the most traditional indoor bike in homes and gyms. On these bikes, the rider’s knee sits closer to the higher handlebars, and there’s no need to lean forward. Some of these upright bikes are more advanced, they can be paired with an app to provide real-time data about your workout.

Recumbent bikes: these bikes are popular especially in aiding rehabilitation and recovery. On a recumbent bike, the riders pedal from a reclined seat that’s low to the ground.

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What’s a cross trainer?

elliptical Exercise bike vs cross trainer?
Cybex V Series Elliptical Cross Trainer Overview

Cross trainers are a type of elliptical. An elliptical can mimic the gait cycle and let your body moves as you are walking. It stimulates running, walking, and stair climbing. Your legs are on a large pedal and your hands are on a static bar.

Cross trainers are the same as an elliptical below the waist, but they have two vertical bars that move in opposition to the pedals. Users hold onto these bars, which creates a push-pulling action similar to skiing, allowing for an upper and lower body workout simultaneously.

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Pros of an Elliptical vs a Bike

Both of them will give you an excellent cardiovascular workout without putting a lot of pressure on your joint and low-impact but high-intensity workouts.

Both of them help you burn fat when combined with a good program and a healthy diet.

Both of them are low-impact with no risk to your joints.

Pros of a bike

  • Easy to use and familiar to most people.
  • On a bike you focus only on your lower body such as your quads, core, glutes, calves, and hamstrings.

Pros of a cross trainer

  • On an elliptical you can work your upper body such as chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and your lower body such as your hip muscles, quads, and glutes.
  • A cross trainer let you stand up which means your heart has to work harder.

The calorie burn on a cross trainer is 324 calories and on a bike is 278 calories. In general, an elliptical burns more calories than a bike according to the Harvard Health website. (Keep in mind that the number of burned calories differs from one person to another).

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Exercise bike vs cross trainer

A cross trainer works your entire body and a bike builds endurance and your general physical condition. A bike is a perfect choice for people with reduced mobility and physiotherapy.

If you want to incorporate an upper body workout then a cross trainer will be more suitable for you.

You have to know that there’s no right or wrong answer to this question.

Exercise bike vs cross trainer? Don’t ask this Q, set your fitness goal, and know which gym equipment is better than buying it. It’s all on you! Take the step and move toward your goals more quickly. You now know everything, it’s all up to you right now!

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